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Ryan Ahern, "The American King of Piano":

World Champion Pianist, Ryan Ahern is one of the most captivating and amazing solo piano artists on the performance market today. His piano arrangements satisfy every diverse audience and cross nearly every genre and style of music. From Broadway and movie music to foot stompin' Rock 'n' Roll and his award winning Boogie-Woogie. His famous hand speed is mesmerizing to see, the blur of fingers while being razor sharp on the keys is unbelievable. From the most pumpin' Boogie Woogie you have ever heard to the most romantically smooth ballads, Ryan Ahern makes you melt into his atmosphere. His stage presence is immediate and powerful and his headliner show leaves you wanting more and feeling bonded with this endearing performer. The song arrangements are exciting, full, lush, and speak to every audience member. The show even makes people who don't normally seek out piano music completely enthralled and drawn to it. It is simply the most amazing display of piano playing you will ever encounter.

Ryan’s headliner show has been winning the hearts of millions of fans. Ryan concerting schedule has taken him to over 90 countries. His unique piano show performs at large corporate events, performance theater venues, and headliner showrooms on 11 different major cruise lines. Ryan is currently performing worldwide as well as in his hometown of Las Vegas, N
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