Ryan is currently headlining on major cruise lines in every cruise market, VIP concerts in Las Vegas at the Cube Theater, and his Piano! Las Vegas Show at the Planet Hollywood Hotel.  The Planet Hollywood show is on hiatus from the resident location and currently traveling nationally.
If you wish to purchase tickets to one of the shows, please fill out a contact form for more details.

April 2017
West Park Theater
San Jose Concert Theater
Hutchins Street Square Lodi
Sony Pavillion Jazz Club
Onboard the Regal Princess
Onboard the Queen Victoria

May 2017
Seattle Fine Art Theater
Central Palm Theater of the Performing Arts
Brookside Conservatory of Music Master Class
Aveda Nights Concert Theater
World Jazz and Blues Club Concert Theater
Onboard the Island Princess

June 2017
Stone Lane Performing Arts Theater
The Smith Center Jazz Club-Las Vegas
Little Rock Outdoor Concert Theater
Pacific Black Box Theater

July 2017
Dymo Jazz Center
Hilton Hotel
New Orleans Classique Theater
Atlanta Community Theater
Orlando Heights Performance Center
Onboard the Golden Princess
Onboard the Coral Princess

August 2017
Luxe Center
Holt Performing Arts Center
New Brunswick Performing Arts Center
Onboard the Sea Princess
Onboard the Golden Princess

September 2017
Cube Theater Las Vegas
Gallo Center for Performing Arts Modesto, CA
Newton Broadcast Theater of the Arts
John H. Wells Concert Hall
Onboard the Queen Mary 2
Onboard the Coral Princess

October 2017
Cube Theater Las Vegas
Onboard the Coral Princess
Onboard the Island Princess

November 2017
Cube Theater Las Vegas
Starbright Theater, Las Vegas
Lyceum Theater, San Diego
Onboard the Queen Victoria

December 2017
Cube Theater Las Vegas
Hutchins Street Square, Lodi, CA