World Champion Pianist, Ryan Ahern is one of the most captivating piano artists on the performance market today. His piano arrangements satisfy every diverse audience and cross nearly every genre and style of music.  Broadway, movie music, classical masterpieces, foot stompin' Rock 'n' Roll and his award winning Boogie-Woogie, to name just a few. His famous hand speed is mesmerizing, the blur of fingers while being razor sharp on the keys will leave you in disbelief. From the most pumpin' Boogie Woogie you have ever heard to the most romantically smooth ballads, Ryan Ahern makes you melt into his atmospherhere. This powerful headliner show leaves you wanting more and feeling bonded with this endearing performer.


  The inimitable Ryan Ahern delivers a fun, high-energy musical experience that is sure to leave you breathless.  The 9-piece orchestra and Ryan's multi-instrumentalism is presented with a masterful technique that is rare to come by.  It is simply the most amazing display of piano playing you will ever encounter.